Kyoto Gardens

On our recent trip to London, we made a point to stop by the beautiful Kyoto Japanese garden in Holland Park. It was during the heatwave where it got to a lovely 25 degrees and also unfortunately the half term, so you can imagine how busy it was. In my mind, I pictured us strolling around the beautiful garden, watching the giant Koy fish in the pond. However it was more like a long queue in the blazing sun, waiting to go up on the bridge to snap a photo for instagram before swiftly moving on to find some shade. The signs at the gate state that it is a memorial to the tragic bombing of Hiroshima, and to please use the garden to reflect and not play Pokemon Go. (A few people clearly neglected to read the sign, as there was a lot of Pokemon being caught). I would definitely recommend going on a quiet day, during work hours! Also, as I didn't want to lug my big camera around London with me, I had to settle for IPhone photos. I hope you can still appreciate the beauty of this hidden gem in London.

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