6 Apps Every Blogger Should Have


In my blogging past I have never really blogged about being a blogger. I love to read tips and tutorials myself, but for me personally, it would be like showing the man behind the curtain and perhaps take away some of the mystique if that makes sense.That was until I realised just how much I rely on my IPhone and it's apps as a blogger and thought I would share my favourites and why.

The one thing I'm really crap at is promoting my blog on social media. I go into all the effort to research, photograph and write up the blog post and no time shouting about it! Buffer helps so much in that as soon as a new post goes live, it automatically posts a status to my Twitter and Facebook. I also schedule one off posts during high traffic times when I'm running a giveaway or simply reminding people to come visit.

This seems an obvious one, and while the app still has a few annoying kinks that need working out, being able to publish on the go is invaluable. Especially when inspiration strikes when you're away from the computer. 

This particular app is not available on Apple and is probably the one thing I miss dearly about Android. But if you do have an Android smart phone, this easy app that allows you to create tick-off lists, full paragraphs of notes and even put sticky notes on your home screen is perfect for all your unwritten ideas.

This app is rather like the Cloud where you can store your blog photos and grab them from any device. It comes in handy when you want to Instagram a photo taken with your camera or stored on your computer and saves having to plug in any wires when transferring photos from your phone. Genius!

Remind Me
Originally intended as a prescription reminder, I use this reliable application for alerting me when a blog chat is going on. I have all the chats Monday to Friday stored on it and so I don't forget, a little notification pops up to tell me that my favourite #bbloggers chat is about to start so I never have to miss it. 

An amazing resource for Fashion bloggers or any girl who's into her clothes. This slick app allows you to understand upload your entire wardrobe, then create a collage of your best outfits out of your wardrobe, so you never have to be stuck for what to wear or post about.

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