Home Made Leather Wrap Bracelets


I decided to make some home made bracelets over the weekend, with the help of some *Leather Lace and hand blown glass *Murano Beads provided by Endless Leather. This little diy requires no skill, tools or time and makes some lovely wrap bracelets for yourself or as gifts. I really like the look of the distressed leather against the pretty multi-faceted glass beads and they are comfortable to wear.

To make these, I wound each cord around my wrist twice with a little give so that I could slip the bracelets on and off. I tied the a secure knot with the remaining cord to secure one bit of the bracelet, slipped three beads onto the loose cord and knotted on the other side to hold the beads. To finish, I put a little dot of super glue under the knot and allowed to dry.

Would you make these bracelets?

*Provided as a PR sample.

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