Me and my boyfriend traveled over to the hipster capital of Scandinavia, the great city of Copenhagen. We stayed for just three days and managed to pack in all of the must sees and a few hidden gems too.

The weather was very cold and snowed on the Saturday. It made for some very bracing walks, but some beautiful photos.

Our first stop after we landed was The Blue Planet aquarium which is a little walk along the docks from the metro. The highlight was the floor to ceiling tank filled with hammerhead sharks and rays. The best part was the incredibly relaxing sounds in that room coming from behind the glass and I could have sat there a good hour watching the fish. 

Another amazing experience was our visit to the free town Christiana. An ex military-turned commune since the 1970's which is governed by it's own law separate of Denmark. It's open entrance brings you into a different world of self-built houses, gratified walls and a 'green light' district where residents sell marijuana and pre-rolled joints behind a curtain. There is so much to take in as you wander round. I would have loved to snap more photos, but it is clearly prohibited, along with running in case of causing panic (Christiana has been subjected to police raids before). 

Being the home of Carlsberg, it would have been rude not to take a self guided tour around the Carlsberg Museum whilst sipping a delicious beer included in your entry fee. In the Carlsberg stables we got to stroke the biggest horses I've ever seen and take a stroll through the statue garden whilst learning about the history of the Danish brewery. And before you ask, yes, the beer tastes so much better in Denmark.

Amidst all the rushing around and sight seeing, we had to stop for an obligatory Danish pastry. Delicious!


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