5 Things You Must Do In Berlin


There is always something to see and do in Berlin. I feel like we barely scratched the surface of this unique and beautiful city. Here's what I did that made the trip and would recommend to anyone venturing to the German capital.

Stroll around the old town of Nikolaviertel

In the heart of this historical district is the St Nicholas church built 1230 and some lovely independent shops which lead to the river Spree. After running around the busy tourist spots in Berlin, it's a lovely break to pace the cobbled streets of the square and stop for a large glass of Weisse beer before going back to the bustle of the modern city.

Take a selfie at one of the many street Photoautomatens 

For a couple euros, you can get a grainy, black and white momento of your trip. The more graffitied and shoddy the photo booth, the better.

Eat A Really Good Burger Under The U Bahn Tracks At Burgermeister

What was once a century old toilet is now a bustling burger joint where you can get a delicious lunch on the trot for under five euros. It gets very busy, but squeezing into the green trailer and chomping on one of the best tofu burgers I've had by the condensated windows was definitely a highlight of the trip.

Marvel at the architecture of the Jewish Museum

It's worth visiting the Jewish Museum for the design alone. It's a very impressive looking building from the inside, with its many household objects and personal letters on display all with their own stories from the Jews they were seized from in the war. The highlight was the Fallen Leaves art installation found in the Memory Void.

See the panoramic views of Berlin from the top of the Cathedral 

The cathedral itself is impressive and well worth the entry fee, but the most fun is climbing the 270 steps to the dome for a breathtaking view of museum island. 

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