Anti-Haul: What I Wont Be Buying This Month And Why

Lately I've been enjoying the new anti haul posts that have been sprinkled all around Bloglovin'. They are the answer to the sometimes excessive buying in the beauty world. It's only natural to want the latest palette from Too Faced that has been hyped and revealed shade by shade for weeks. But what is more satisfying than acquiring a sparkly new make up palette can be falling in love with a trusty old palette that has been sitting in the back of a makeup drawer that you once scrimped and saved to buy. I have been putting this new philosophy into practise as I peruse the brand new offerings that have appeared on the shelves.


Smashbox Cover Shot Palette in Ablaze

As soon as I saw the red clay and terracotta shades of this palette I was instantly reminded of two other palettes that were instant sell outs. Lime Crime's Venus palette was the pioneer of unconventional rust red and warm brown shades, then closely followed by Hourglass Renaissance which gave the option to buy the same beautiful colour range from a less problematic brand. Unsurprisingly, this palette has sold out in Boots, but I won't be springing for this one as I simply already have all these shades in my trusty Venus palette that has gotten a lot of love over the years. Alternatively, this could be a smart buy for those who don't want to pay £40+ for the Renaissance but don't want to support the Lime Crime brand and for £24 for 6 shades, your bank balance won't be too upset.


Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse

At the risk of upsetting the many Caroline Hirons fans out there, as soon as i saw this product I felt it was a little gimmicky. Pixi is a wonderful brand and I've been known to double cleanse every now and then when I want my skin to feel squeaky clean or after a heavy make up day, but I don't feel I need a split product to do that.

Real Techniques Bold Metals Miracle Diamond Complexion Sponge

This might be unfair to pinpoint this particular product, but with all the beauty sponges coming out in all variations of shapes and even shapes I don't believe even existed before (see RT Miracle Sculpting Sponge) this was the straw that broke the beauty lover's back. The beauty sponges have been flooding in with the promise of a new and improved ergonomic shape, but no matter which sponge you choose out of the thousands on offer, it will still need to be chucked in the bin in a couple of months. I still feel buyer's regret at having to throw out my £16 Beauty Blender after it had become an unrecognisable colour and picked up every bit of dust imagineable from the make up drawer. So I will be forgoing this new attractive diamond shaped sponge and sticking with my trusty brushes whilst sounding rather jaded.


Clinique + Crayola Chubby Sticks

This has got to be the most unappealing colab I have come across. Why would Clinique want buyers to associate their lip colours with an 1885 stationary brand? I may be missing the point completely, but I will not be picking these up any time soon.

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